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An Interview with Kaitlin

21911299_166729390548013_8224812099247800320_nย Name: Kaitlin

Instagram: katydid52 | # of followers: 3,471

Kaitlin’s Instagram consists of photos with a mixture of subjects. One day she’ll post an amazing landscape photo, the next a selfie or her cat, the next a close-up of a flower or insect. No matter the photo, her composition is always on point. I was specifically intrigued by all of her nature/landscape photos (as it is my own preference for a subject). You can see some of her photos below as well as read the interview!

Where are you from?

“I grew up in super northern California, where the “redwoods meet the sea.” This is definitely where my love of nature began.”

How would you describeย your Instagram/photography?

“I would describe my photography as mostly nature-oriented, rich in color, with an eye for proportion. I love to use the Mextures editing application (sadly iPhone only) to add some color, flare, and grit.”

What is your favorite thing to photograph, and why?

“As mentioned above, I love nature. Usually, my camera comes out when I’m out. Sunsets, flowers, tree, mountains, etc. Whether my subject is a place I’m visiting or flowers in my backyard, these are the things I love to photograph. I have a strong love of both nature and animals, so sometimes my cats show up too.”

What are your tips for photographers who admire your style?

“Find something you’re passionate about, nature, portraits, cityscape, and follow that. If you want people to love what you shoot, then shoot what you love.”

That snowflake photo is insane! It looks like it’s made of glass haha. Thanks to Kaitlin for the awesome interview! Be sure to check out her Instagramย here and follow her!

โˆด Michelle


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