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Florida Travel Announcement

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'm sure you are excited and preparing for the holidays. I just wanted to announce two things! My 21st birthday is coming at the end of April, and Charlotte is going to visit from England! I've had a countdown on the sidebar for the last month or so. We… Continue reading Florida Travel Announcement

The States

The Beauty Of The States

Here is the other travel article I wrote on the Odyssey Online. Again, click here if you'd prefer to read it on the original site. Everyone always talks about wanting to visit another country. “If you could go to any other country, where would you go?” But what about what’s currently in our own country? In the… Continue reading The Beauty Of The States


3 Things I’d Do Differently On My Next Trip Abroad

After my trip to England, I was asked what I would do differently the next time I traveled abroad. When I thought about it, I realized that there were three main things I would do differently next time. This was one topic I wrote my Odyssey article on, so if you'd like you can click… Continue reading 3 Things I’d Do Differently On My Next Trip Abroad