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Nic Sagodic


Name: Nic Sagodic

Instagram: nicsagodic | # of followers: 1,226

Nic’s Instagram and photography interests me because many of his photos are carefully planned out no matter if he is photographing people or nature. In one of his answers, he mentions that this is significant. His use of exposure when capturing photos is fantastic, and the ones he shot of the Milky Way are breathtaking as you can see below. Not only that, but his creativity when shooting portraits is unique; an example can of this can also be seen below.

Where are you from?

“I am based out of Southwest Michigan and live in the small town of Allegan. I have lived in Michigan my whole life and don’t plan on moving unless my future jobs require it.”

How would you describe your Instagram/photography?

“I would describe my Instagram “look” as moody. However, I have made my own look by incorporating the moody tones and feeling by blending those with faded color. To me, my photography is all over the place. This past summer I got really into portrait and lifestyle photography, and I have stuck with that. If you look at my feed, you can see a noticeable shift from landscape to portrait. That brings me to my next point, landscape and nature photography is what I started out in, shooting trees and water during the day and shooting the stars and the Milky Way at night. Along with this, I’ve been getting into long exposure flash photography.”

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Jungleesque 🌿🍃🌲

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What is your favorite thing to photograph, and why?

“My favorite thing about photography is capturing the essence of some of the smaller things that go unnoticed. Photography enables me to express and/or capture all the things I have in my head.”

What are your tips for photographers and travelers who admire your style?

“My number one tip for aspiring photographers is to try anything and everything. Explore the capabilities of your gear and make the most of it. Along with this, reach out to others, practice taking pictures of your friends or the environment around you. I would also say mentally planning your shots and visualizing what you want will help you in the long run. The Instagram community has really shaped and helped me further my photography, along with my friends who are always willing to go out and shoot even for fun!”

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Another night in the Milky Way

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A huge thank you to Nic for agreeing to do this interview with me! Check out his Instagram here and give him a follow!

∴ Michelle


2 thoughts on “Nic Sagodic”

  1. I love this… I’m a photographer myself and so it’s so interesting to hear what makes other photographers tick! 😀 Great post! Definitely giving you a follow! Look forward to reading some more!


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