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Belgian Photographer: Nicolas Lehane


Name: Nicolas Lehane

Instagram: nicolas_lehane_photography | # of followers: 3,679

Nicolas has a variety of nature, landscape, and seascape photos. You can see photos taken in various seasons; he has a nice selection of some beautiful trees covered in snow such as the one shown below! The occasional architectural photo can be seen on his page as well, and how he composes each once is incredible.

Where are you from?

“Belgium, Aubel to be exact.”

How would you describe your Instagram/photography?

“I would describe myself as a fine art photographer, as I particularly like simple yet beautiful compositions that immediately catch the eye.”

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Everything becomes beautiful when it's covered with snow ❄️

A post shared by Nicolas Lehane (@nicolas_lehane_photography) on

What is your favorite thing to photograph, and why?

“Nature. I love exploring nature; nothing is more peaceful than being in a forest alone or at the beach, doing what you love. Landscapes and seascapes are what I love the most. I also like shooting urban/architecture photography.”

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Misty sunrise ☁️☀️

A post shared by Nicolas Lehane (@nicolas_lehane_photography) on

What are your tips for photographers and travelers who admire your style?

“First, do what you love. Find the type of photography that suits you best, but don’t hesitate to try new things. Also, try to create your own style; that’s how you can distinguish yourself from others (in terms of post-processing, technique, places you visit, etc). Lastly, as a photographer, you are often surrounded by chaos; by this, I mean that it is often difficult to find something interesting, a subject/detail that stands out from the rest. But once you’ve found some order amongst the chaos, that’s when you have the chance to get a nice, or even a very good, image.”

Thanks again to Nicolas for the interview and insight into his own photography! You can give him a follow here!

∴ Michelle


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