Who I Currently Resemble As A Photographer: Robert Adams

I recently took a college photography class, and one of the assignments was to look through a list of landscape photographers, and pick one who we thought we were similar to in terms of style and composition.

Photo Credit: Famous Photographers

I found photographer Robert Adams, who focused on the American West and its changing landscape. Many of his photos include vast expanses of landscapes. I love everything all of the nature in them, from the trees to the fire and smoke. One photo stuck out to me that shows a lot of similarity to the subjects I photograph. See the comparison below.

Something about a standalone tree in the middle of a field is mesmerizing to me. I can see myself spending an hour or so just basking in the beauty of a single tree.  The two trees you see in my own photos above are the same tree. The orange one was taken this past Fall, and the red one was taken in the Fall, around three years ago, I believe. I’ve always loved the bright colors Autumn brings. Next week, I will show a photographer who I aim to be like. If you have any guesses as to who it might be, comment below!

∴ Michelle


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