Snowdonia National Park, Wales

So, I had never been to a national park before until I visited England. I mainly only had US ones on my list to visit such as Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Mount Rainier. Charlotte took us to Snowdonia National Park in Wales, and it was incredible! Unfortunately, we didn’t explore too much, but if we had more time, I probably would have asked to stop the car every two minute for photo ops.

Nature is a wonderful  thing, and being outside at that park was breathtaking. Nothing else mattered at that time except taking in every aspect of the view. We were free, and it was amazing. We stopped at a lake that had a forest on one side and mountains near the other. Simply stunning, even on the cloudy day that it was!

I recommend this park to anyone, and I’m sure there is a ton more to see next time we go. Charlotte said we can even climb Mount Snowdon if I’m up for it. Who wouldn’t be?! Climbing that giant rock was a start 🙂

∴ Michelle


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