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Like Sweets? – The Sugar Factory

I visited the Sugar Factory in Rosemont with my family this past week for the first time, and it was quite an experience! First off, reserving a table is a must as you’d be waiting one or more hours for one without a reservation. Thankfully, we made a reservation as we expected this.


We parked in the parking garage which was free as long as you get your ticket validated at the Sugar Factory. It was then just a short walk down and around to the restaurant. If you forget to get it validated, you’ll have to pay for parking on your way out. If I wasn’t with family, I’m sure I would have forgotten, so don’t forget!

When we walked in, there was a “red-carpet” looking set-up to the right where you could take photos of you and your friends with the Sugar Factory backdrop. My cousins and I took a photo of course. Many celebrities have gone there and some are pictured on the walls. Walking a bit past that was the retail section where you could buy all the candy you wanted! From the pre-packaged candy to the bulk candy, I’m sure you’d find something you love.

To the left is the restaurant where you can indulge in sugar! They have a variety of choices on their menu; most of their crazy drinks can be made with or without alcohol; and they even have food choices that do not involve candy or chocolate! 

Their most popular items are their Goblets which are 60 ounces of bubbling and smoking delight, made to be shared between a few people. They are around $30. My cousin ordered the Ocean Blue Goblet, pictured below. We were a bit disappointed to see that it was more of a green rather than the blue pictured on the menu, but she said it still tasted good! They were also out of the candy sharks that usually float in the drink, so they substituted a different gummy for them.

Ocean Blue Goblet

My other cousin ordered one of their “insane milkshakes” which included a few tasty treats added to the top and chocolate covering half of the mug. These are $17. She got the Chocolate Rocky Road which was a chocolate, marshmallow, and walnut shake topped with a chocolate glazed donut and chocolate-covered marshmallows. The mug was covered in chocolate and walnuts.

Chocolate Rocky Road Shake

As for me, I stuck with a classic chocolate milkshake because I didn’t think I could handle eating all those sweets! Mine was about $11. My other cousin and aunt ordered the chocolate fondue which looked awesome and came with some great snacks to dip in chocolate such as red velvet cake and gummy bears!

    image4          Chocolate Fondue

This place is fantastic for candy lovers as long as you don’t mind spending a bit extra. If you don’t want too much sugar, there are many items on the menu that you might like, but if you don’t want to spend too much money or don’t care for sweets, you might want to rethink visiting the Sugar Factory. The other location in Illinois is in Chicago. There are also locations in California, Washington, Las Vegas, NYC, Connecticut, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida, and a few countries outside of the U.S.

Charlotte and I will be going here when she visits after we go indoor skydiving at iFLY since they’re right next to each other! Maybe I’ll be a bit more adventurous in my dessert choice next time; maybe I’ll even get a fancy dessert martini since I’ll be 21!

∴ Michelle


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