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Personal & Travel Update!

Sorry, I missed posting last week. I was actually applying for an internship! I’m going to be leaving my job at Starbucks in about three more weeks. Three years with them is long enough for me, and it’s time for a change. I’ll be interning with Study Breaks Magazine as a writer for the summer! It doesn’t start until after Charlotte comes and goes, so I’ll have some time off to do my own thing for a while.

Charlotte comes in exactly five weeks from today! I’m still working on our schedule for places to go, but I’ll definitely keep you updated and write some posts about our trips! Another small announcement is that shortly after Charlotte leaves, I’ll be heading to Colorado Springs with my friend Jen! More information on that to come so keep checking back.

∴ Michelle


2 thoughts on “Personal & Travel Update!”

  1. Wow…Your blog is so intriguing. I like reading your posts…Lot more I need to learn especially English..gotta improve mine. Make a visit to Malaysia one day as you are a traveler!


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