Major Differences – England vs USA

Red Phone BoothsI hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

When I was in England, I noticed many things that were a bit different from things in the States. Here are some of the most noticeable ones:

  • Roundabouts everywhere –>> No stop signs: Don’t know how well I’d do driving there..
  • No turn on red
  • Construction is done at night: Really like the idea behind this because it won’t cause heavy traffic during the day
  • No taxes on things (food, groceries, clothes, etc): The price is as you see it. Loved this on the clothing in Minnesota here!
  • Drinking age: 18
  • Usually no tipping at restaurants
  • When done eating, utensils are placed parallel to each other on plate, indicating waiter can take your plate without interrupting conversation: Smart!
  • No guns (only in extreme circumstances)
  • ID required to buy knives (including kitchen)
  • Red telephone booths
  • Military time
  • Undercover cops are completely undercover: We saw one as a Jeep near Buckingham Palace!
  • Free museums!
  • Cities are not on a grid pattern, streets are winding and unpredictable
  • No deer to jump out at you when you’re driving at night: This was weird because when we did drive at night, I expected us to slow down at times because I felt like a deer could have easily popped out of a hedge right in front of us!
  • Not as racist and judgmental: I was surprised to see how many people were accepting to everyone no matter their race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. We need more of this in the US.

Another England post will make its way to you next week!



2 thoughts on “Major Differences – England vs USA”

  1. Construction at night seems like such a simple idea, but when I lived in Boston they did construction during the day.. and at night and there was traffic 100% of the time! It was horrible, doing it just at night past 8:00 pm seems like it would really help with stress!

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