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Local Fun: iFLY & Sugary Treats

I have so much to tell you about our 26-mile hike around Lake Geneva including some tips for such a long hike and this specific route! It’s going to take me a bit longer to write those posts, so I thought I’d skip that day for now. After spending a few days in Chicago (and heading to Lake Geneva), I thought Charlotte and I could do something more local. We bought iFLY tickets from Groupon, neither of us had gone before. iFLY is an indoor skydiving experience. The closest one to me is in Rosemont. We watched a training video, learned the hand signals, and put on our gear. Our tickets were for two one-minute sessions each which might seem short, but it was enough time to learn the ropes and have fun!

The trainer is in the tube with you to keep you steady and use hand signals to tell you to relax your body, keep your legs together, and straighten your legs. It was a bit scary the first time I went in because I felt a little like I couldn’t breathe, at least not properly. I was even watching the timer to see how much longer I had. The second time was a lot better though because I knew what to expect and knew to relax and breathe normally.

Our fun here ended earlier than expected; the estimated total time spent there is around one and a half hours (including check-in, training, and gear), but it was more around a half hour. I had made reservations for the Sugar Factory based on that estimated time (it’s across the street) so we would have been early for that, but they weren’t even open yet anyway! To kill some time, we went to an Irish pub next to the Sugar Factory called Five Roses Pub.

IMG_3965 copy

Finally, we went to the Sugar Factory. Charlotte tried french toast for the first time along with a Grape Crush cocktail. Last time, I just had a classic chocolate shake, so this time, I ordered a Memory Lane milkshake that had hot fudge, marshmallows, and a waffle cone on top. The next day, we took the train back to Chicago to use the rest of our CityPass.

∴ Michelle


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