Major Differences – England vs USA

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! When I was in England, I noticed many things that were a bit different from things in the States. Here are some of the most noticeable ones: Roundabouts everywhere -->> No stop signs: Don't know how well I'd do driving there.. No turn on red Construction is done… Continue reading Major Differences – England vs USA

The States

Florida Travel Announcement

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'm sure you are excited and preparing for the holidays. I just wanted to announce two things! My 21st birthday is coming at the end of April, and Charlotte is going to visit from England! I've had a countdown on the sidebar for the last month or so. We… Continue reading Florida Travel Announcement


3 Things I’d Do Differently On My Next Trip Abroad

After my trip to England, I was asked what I would do differently the next time I traveled abroad. When I thought about it, I realized that there were three main things I would do differently next time. This was one topic I wrote my Odyssey article on, so if you'd like you can click… Continue reading 3 Things I’d Do Differently On My Next Trip Abroad