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Travel Plans 2019

Well, this Friday is my birthday, so this week, I thought I’d share the (bigger) trips I have planned for the rest of this year! As I stated in the About Me section, I’m obtaining my BA in Creative Writing & English from SNHU this year, and since I live in Illinois and the classes are all online, a trip to New Hampshire is required for graduation. Since there’s only one ceremony per year, students are allowed to attend the ceremony if they still need 12 or less credits to complete by the date of graduation; I’ll only have nine more to finish at that time!

Soon I’ll have a shot of me standing in front of this sign!
Credit: Penmen Press

My parents and I will be staying in Boston, Massachusetts since it’s only an hour from the school, and there seems to be more to do there than around the school (as far as I know). We don’t have set plans yet, but we do have some ideas on where to visit, such as The Freedom Trail and of course, Henry David Thoreau’s Cabin Site and Walden Pond since I’m an English major. I’ve set a countdown in the sidebar to the right for when we leave, May 7th. We’ll be there for just over a week.

Replica of Thoreau’s Cabin
Credit: Trip Advisor

Besides that trip, my mom, friend Jen, and I will be flying to Jackson, Wyoming at the end of June for a five-day trip. I’ve always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park, so I’m super excited. My aunt and uncle have lived there for years now, but they’ll be moving around August, so we’ve decided it’s finally time to visit them before they head to a new state due to their jobs. We scored great nonstop tickets too after constantly watching flights on the Hopper app. Since Wyoming is such a tourist state with all the great wildlife and nature attractions, flights are generally pretty expensive, around $600 for one nonstop ticket. For another $200 you could fly to England!

Hope to go on this tour at Yellowstone Bear World
Credit: Only in Your State

For this trip, we leave June 25th, and I’ll have a countdown going in the sidebar during or after my trip to Boston. Aside from these two trips, I don’t have anything else planned right now. For this year, I don’t expect to have any other big trips other than these two either. If anything, there might be small ones to Wisconsin, like Lake Geneva again. I’d like to try to do the 26-mile hike again with friends this fall if anyone is up to go with me. You might think I’m crazy, but now I know what to expect, and it was a cool experience and of course, great exercise! We’ll have to see what happens!

∴ Michelle


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