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What Started My Career as a Travel Agent

April Guest Blogger: Kim Edgy

It all started by my really good friend asking me to plan their Disney Adoption Celebration trip in March 2018. I am a HUGE Disney lover, and I have had annual passes just about my whole life. She knew I could do it and make sure it was a MAGICAL Disney Trip. So, I did all the research and was telling my mom about this trip, and she said, why don’t you get certified and make money doing this. So, that is what I did.

The Kim’s who have been friends since 3rd grade (me on the right)

Once I had all the information I needed to present to my friend with prices and such, she said BOOK IT! All booked and ready to go, she called me and said, “Now we want you to go with us,” since I am a huge part of their family and we have been friends since the 3rd grade! I was so honored to be able to go on this trip of a lifetime. We spent 4 nights and 5 days at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She wanted me to go all out 5 stars for EVERYTHING. Mom, Dad, 6 kids (one with special needs), Grandpa, Grandma, and me (Aunt Kim), 11 of us. I made sure everything was perfect, and it was also nice to be on this trip and me being a travel agent. We stayed at the Contemporary Hotel, made reservations at the Rain Forest Café for dinner one night, made reservations at Cinderella’s castle for dinner… that is a story all on it own. I will tell this one later.

All the kids with their rank in the family

We had matching shirts made for all three days in the park. Day 1: We got to the Magic Kingdom around 9am. A few hours later, we were standing in line at the Dumbo ride. This cast member walks up to us and says he needs to speak to us, pulls us out of line, and just starts chatting with us. Long story short, we were chosen to be the GRAND MARSHALLS in the parade that day…OMG HOW COOL RIGHT? The way they choose a family is so cool!! So, at 2pm we had a meeting spot and got our own personal photographer to take pictures the whole time…I mean this was so surreal and the kids were freaking out… The rest of the day was just so magical and the kids were so good. It’s truly one in a million chances you get chosen for this.

Day 2: We went to the Animal Kingdom, which the kids absolutely loved. So many hands on with animals. The Circle of Life show is awesome – a must see if you go. After that, we took the kids back to the resort where Grandma and Grandpa stayed with them, and us three BIG kids went to Epcot to explore.

Animal Kingdom, meeting Mickey Mouse

Day 3: We went back to the Magic Kingdom and only stayed half a day since we had dining reservations that night in the castle and we wanted to make sure all the kids had rest beforehand. Our reservations were at 9pm and we didn’t get seated until 10pm. Me and the kids’ mom did all the girls’ hair and makeup and bought them all beautiful princess dresses and tiaras, and we had pixie dust for their hair and did their nails. The boys got all new outfits as well. 

All dressed up & going to eat at Cinderella’s castle

All the princesses were very accommodating to us and made sure they all came over, took pictures, and spent some time with the kids. We didn’t leave the castle until after midnight, which was pretty cool. We were the only ones left in the park that night and had Main Street U.S.A. all to ourselves. We were escorted out of the park by the Disney Police. They let the kids (and us BIG kids) go crazy on Main Street. I mean, it’s not very often you have the whole park to yourselves, right?

Leaving Cinderella’s castle at midnight with the whole park to ourselves

Needless to say, this Disney trip was one for the books, and we are all talking about it to this day. One year later! The kids ask all the time, when are we going back Aunt Kim?

I know I am leaving out some details about this trip, but it all came down to the resort, dining, memory maker (pics), fast passes, magic bands (I had custom wraps on each of their magic bands so they never got confused with someone else’s), and being treated like royalty in the parade. This trip was definitely well worth the money that was paid for this Adoption Celebration.

Little back history: My friend has two kids from her previous marriage, husband has three kids from his previous marriage, and they had a baby together. She is the absolute sweetest baby you will ever meet and so lovable. She is in the photo below!

Sweet Annelise, the child my friends had together

I live only two hours from Disney World, so I go often. They live about seven hours from Disney World. We are currently planning a Disney Cruise for all of us, plus another family.

Thank you for listening to my story. I hope you all have a magical day!

About the Author: Kim Edgy is a travel agent who specializes in Disney and has a certification with Disney as a travel agent but loves booking vacations period. There is nothing more gratifying about making a vacation for someone and them absolutely loving their trip so that clients come back time and time again. She has also booked several cruises, all-inclusive resorts, international flights, honeymoons, overnight trips, car rentals, and even stroller rentals at amusement parks. Her personal Instagram is @lifegetsalittleedgy and the travel agency’s Instagram is @dreamvacationskh. Click here for their Facebook page or find their website here. Give them a chance to book your next vacation!


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  1. It’s wonderful that you made this post approximately 1 year after beginning the travel agent work…kinda like a nostalgic reflection. I do wonder where that mountain picture at the very top of your page was taken…it’s beautiful!

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