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Lake Geneva Hike: Overview & Tips

In Lake Geneva Hike (Part I), I told you about my hesitation and anxiety of doing this hike and that it all went away as we started walking. I had nothing to worry about, and nature is always a great reminder of that. It seems to be a great anti-depressant and anti-anxiety med. I couldn’t be happier that I ignored my anxiety for this trip.

After the hike, I considered what we might do differently if we were to go again, which I believe I would. The first thought I had was starting at a different location and/or walking in the opposite direction. I liked walking the long stretch from Lake Geneva to Fontana first since we had the most energy in the beginning, so I think I’d start in Fontana and reverse the direction: Fontana to Lake Geneva to Williams Bay to Fontana. It would make the hike new, and there are many more restaurants in Lake Geneva than Fontana for lunch.

Google Maps.

We came up with some tips for those interested in the hike, and some include things we would have done differently.

Tips for surviving the Lake Geneva hike: 

  1. Go with great friends. If you go with someone only semi-tolerable, you’re in for a long day. We did this one right, thankfully.
  2. Train. You don’t have to go all out, but take a few longer walks to prepare yourself and see what you’re in for.
  3. Check the weather and avoid hot and/or rainy days.
  4. Follow the signs. (Even if you don’t believe there’s a swamp ahead.)
  5. Bring an extra change of clothes. (You never know when you’ll fall into a swamp.)
  6. Bring, apply, and reapply sun lotion — My shoulders were burnt to a crisp.
  7. Bug spray wasn’t really needed for us in May, but I’d recommend bringing it just in case.
  8. Stretch before, during, and after the hike to prevent cramping.
  9. Take loads of photos and videos. The lake and path are beautiful, and I wish I took more, but I was afraid of my phone dying so…
  10. Bring a portable charger(s). Charlotte had hers so we all shared it, but bring your own too.
  11. Bring a camera or GoPro. I didn’t have a GoPro at the time, but I do now, and I’d definitely bring it next time. I could’ve captured the swamp mishap! A camera would have been smart too.
  12. Bring snacks and lunch-like food. The long stretch really is long and there is nowhere to stop for food, so bring your own like we did. It gives you a lot more energy.
  13. Stay hydrated. No, bathrooms aren’t present until you reach the towns, but drinking water will keep you energized and prevent cramping.
  14. Take a finale photo. It would have been cool to get a photo of us at the end. A start and finish comparison would have been nice too.

I believe if you follow these tips, you’ll certainly enjoy the hike and finish earlier than our 11 hours. It sure was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far.

∴ Michelle


4 thoughts on “Lake Geneva Hike: Overview & Tips”

  1. Hey! I find the cool stories and tips you share in your posts fascinating. I was wondering how you even came to begin this blog and was hoping you could share your story on this writing competition I’m hosting on my blog. The winners will be selected by next week!


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