Traveling Alone? Not My Thing

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Now, I’ve seen many articles about traveling solo and how it can be one of the best things a traveler can do. I recently wrote an Odyssey article on how I wouldn’t consider traveling alone which you can read below or on my Odyssey profile here.

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For some people, traveling alone might be ideal and peaceful. They might need a break from family, friends, or work. A nice vacation all to themselves. I can understand that, but personally, I wouldn’t find it all that fun.

When I think of traveling and experiencing a new place, I don’t imagine myself alone. I see my friends or family there with me. You could all talk about the food you just ate, the strange animals you just saw, or those ancient buildings you just explored.

Lake Geneva, WI 2015

Picturing myself exploring a new city by myself is strange. I wouldn’t be able to share all the experiences with someone I love if I was just by myself. Sure, I can tell them all about it when I go home, but it wouldn’t be the same. Of course, there is the benefit of not having to go where everyone else wants to go when you travel alone. You can do whatever you want to do without anyone else’s opinion.

However, it doesn’t seem like it would be as fun as if you were with other people, sharing the adventures, laughing, and taking photos together. If you were by yourself, you couldn’t talk to people you know, you would just take in all the adventure yourself.

Now, I know you could meet people and make new friends, but you could always do that if you traveled with someone too. It might be a little different because you’re already with someone, but it’s always a possibility. Plus, if you were by yourself and met new people, they might not even end up being a long-distant friend anyway, just someone to talk to at that moment, which would still be awesome, don’t get me wrong.

The only time I would probably choose to travel alone would be for a job. Otherwise, I’d rather spend the experience with my friends or family, making more memories that we could all look back on.

∴ Michelle


8 thoughts on “Traveling Alone? Not My Thing”

  1. Really like this post. I also like travelling with family and friends with whom I can share the adventure. I’m pretty shy at times so I’d probably be unable to have much fun alone. I like how you showed both perspectives.

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  2. I always travel solo, something I’ve done for years.
    Yes, the first time can be daunting, even a bit scary, but once you realise that you are free to immerse yourself in the world around you everything opens up a freedom becomes more than just a word!

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  3. I’ve travelled with family and friends all my life, only a few weeks ago did I go abroad by myself and it was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, travelling with people is awesome when you have something to share with them, but travelling alone has its enchantments!
    Loved your post!

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  4. I love traveling alone!! And I feel like there are always new people to meet- some will just be in your life for a few minutes, while others might just stay there forever. It’s always fun to have friends and family along too though, I agree. I feel like they’re completely different experiences and there’s a time and a place for both:)

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