I Apologize, But I’m Finally Back!

I know I’ve been gone for quite some time, months actually, but I’m back for good now. Once I returned from England, I started writing for the Odyssey Online which requires weekly articles. Check out my page here: Michelle Dreyer on Odyssey. This ended up being my writing outlet for a while instead of this blog. However, I generally don’t write about travel on that site. I recently did write two articles involving travel though which reminded me to get back to this blog ASAP. I will share those articles with you in the next two weeks.

I have also been busy with school these past few months. I have been inducted into three honors societies, so that has been taking up some of my time as well. I’m still taking classes with SNHU full-time along with being an assistant manager at Starbucks, also full-time. I’ve had my hand full lately.


From here on out, I will be writing and scheduling many of my posts, so I do not disappoint this time. If you haven’t already, follow this blog by email in the right-hand sidebar to be sure not to miss any posts about my trip to England! Also, check out the new poll on the right side of the page and the new destinations I have added to my Bucket List.

∴ Michelle


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