Passing Fly Time: Expectations vs Reality

These were my expectations of the various things I thought we would do on the plane to pass the time and then reality, what I actually did. Keep in mind, our flight to England ended up leaving around midnight. We were both exhausted.

Chicago to England

Expectations:                                                                    Reality:

  • Play cards                                                                     ◊  Listen to music
  • Watch movies                                                              ◊  Semi-sleep
  • Read a book                                                                  ◊ Count down the hours left
  • Listen to music
  • Eat the complementary food
  • Sleep

England to Chicago

Expectations:                                                                    Reality:

  • Play cards                                                                    ◊  Listen to music
  • Watch movies                                                             ◊  Watch movies
  • Read a book                                                                ◊  Read a book
  • Write about England                                                ◊ Write a little bit
  • Listen to music                                                           ◊  Count down the hours left
  • Eat the complementary food                                  ◊ Eat the complementary food

I definitely did more on the flight home, and I think that was because I wasn’t as nervous for flying anymore since we already survived the flight to England. Both of the flights were generally peaceful, and I’m more at ease with flying in the future. If you’re planning an eight hour flight any time soon, I hope this helps give you an idea of what to actually expect. Of course, everyone is different, and maybe you’d have an even more exciting flight than we did!

∴ Michelle

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