Ongoing Adventures

I now realize how difficult it is to blog continuously while visiting another country. We’ve practically been going nonstop. Here’s a little overview on some of our days so far.

The day we arrived was more of a relax day, especially since our flight was five hours late. We stayed local and went to West Kirby and Parkgate which had some great views.


We did more exploring the next day and went to Chester which is a Roman city. We ventured the Chester city walls, the ruins of St. John’s church, and the Chester Roman Ampitheatre.

The following day we walked about 8 miles around Chester Zoo, and we were there for a majority of the day.

Wednesday was one of my favorite days so far. We drove to Wales to Caernarfon Castle, ate some true fish and chips (right outside of the castle), and wandered around Snowdonia National Park and Swallow Falls. These were miraculous sights, and I could have stayed at Snowdonia all day.

We recently went to London for two days and are unfortunately leaving tomorrow. More in-depth posts to come!


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