Security? Check. Plane? Delayed.

We have successfully and safely made it to England! Here’s a little bit about our airport experience (which it was the first international destination for us both).

I think my main concern about the day we were supposed to leave O’Hare International Airport  was going through security. Before the trip, I had to read all about what we could and could not take on the plane. Since I was taking a lot of camera accessories, including extra camera batteries, and my laptop, there were special preparations I needed to know and do. I knew I was going to have to take my laptop out of my suitcase so that it could go through the x-ray alone. I was worried about this because I knew everyone would be rushing to go through security, and I wouldn’t know when exactly to take it out. It turned out completely fine. I was able to see when it was supposed to be taken out, and although people were rushing a bit, it wasn’t bad. As for my spare lithium-ion camera batteries, I simply needed to put them in separate, clear, plastic bags in my carry-on. I did not need to take them out at any time as they just went through the x-ray.

As for our scheduled departure time, we were originally supposed to depart at 7:05pm. As you can see in this photo, Blogour departure time was changed nine times! It seemed alright maybe the first few times, but then it became insane when we watched the screen displaying the flight information change from 9pm to 4am to 6am to 1am. Everyone around us was freaking out. Many people had connecting flights or trains to catch after this flight. Luckily, we didn’t. The flight ended up departing around 12am, and as we were still a little nervous about the actual flight, the delays somehow helped me relax a little bit. We just wanted to get on and sleep by that time anyway.


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