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Take the Dare & Visit: Woodstock Square

Woodstock SquareA trip to historic downtown Woodstock, located in Northern Illinois, also known as Woodstock Square, entails various activities including dining, shopping, and entertainment. A day spent here would be no loss; not to mention it is the home of the famous movie, Groundhog Day. Here are some worthwhile places to visit and activities to participate in around the square:

Farmer’s Markets & Arts and Crafts Fair

Woodstock Farmer’s Markets are perfect for those who want fresh produce grown locally. From fruits and vegetables to cheese, eggs, and fresh-baked pastries, visitors can stroll around the square to find various products. The market is open every Tuesday and Saturday, May through October and Saturdays, November through April. Currently, the summer market hosts 40 vendors on Saturdays and 30 on Tuesdays. Within these vendors, other products are also available such as clothing, ceramics, and flowers. Some arts and crafts can be found here, but if art is more of an interest to you, the Fair Diddley Craft Show is where you’ll want to go in May. Paintings, ceramics, knits, photography, etc. will be for sale throughout the square. This craft show supports mental health foundations too!

Dining: Papa G’s (converting to The Doubleyolk Café) Papa G's Restaurant

Papa G’s Restaurant was owned by Papa G himself until recently. The restaurant is now under new ownership; however, the restaurant has yet to officially be renamed. Eventually, it will be The Doubleyolk Café and will continue serving breakfast items which seem to be a popular choice of cuisine at img_1532Papa G’s. I recently tried the sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich, and being a somewhat picky eater, I was hesitant to try it, but I found it to be quite delicious. Papa G’s Restaurant is a very cozy diner (as one customer described it) and has an old western vibe to it. I look forward to seeing what the new owner has in store for the place.


Looking for gifts for loved ones or decor for your living room shelves? The Thoughtfulness Shop is a wonderful place for these needs. Small trinkets can be found throughout the store. If this isn’t your style, a more modern style of knickknacks can be found at Read Between the Lynes.

A variety of books can be also be found here. The shop is split into two sections: books; and candy, ice cream, and coffee. It’s a book lover’s dream. Other places in the square with an assortment of goodies are the Swiss Maid Bakery and Ethereal Confections.

Entertainment: Woodstock Theater, The Opera House, & The Old Courthouse Art Center

The Opera House
The Opera House

The Woodstock Theater is great for kicking back to see a new movie after shopping in the square. If you want live action, The Woodstock Opera House holds many plays and musicals including Treasure Island, and in the winter, A Christmas Carol. And if the craft show wasn’t enough, the Old Courthouse displays numerous art pieces to admire.

These are just some of the places to stop by when visiting the square. Other places to dine include Taqueria la Placita (authentic taco house) and Expressly Leslie Vegetarian Specialties. Other shops include Dave’s Woodstock Music, Soul Focus, and Sunshine Girls Boutique.

Story and photos by Michelle.

∴ Michelle


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