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St. Louis Roadtrip

We have all had that one teacher who influenced us the most right? The one who made school a little more bearable? Well for me, that was my high school chemistry teacher, Ms. K. My first two years of high school were rough, and when I saw a new science teacher my junior year, I didn’t really expect it to get any better. However, I was completely wrong. This teacher ended up being more like a friend; she cared about her students like no other.

I was devastated to find out that the following year, Ms. K was heading back to St. Louis, Missouri where her family and friends were. I was aware that I couldn’t have her as a teacher in my senior year, but I could have always visited her during my free periods and passing periods. About halfway into my senior year, I had a bizarre idea to surprise visit Ms. K at her new school. After doing some researching and persuading my parents, my mom, uncle, friend, and I were on a five-hour road trip to St. Louis during my school’s spring break. Not only did I have a goal set for this mini-trip, but it was a success. We were even able to visit the arch and a museum there, and the Lincoln Monument in Springfield on the way home.

The scenery of a specific destination does not always need to be the reason you travel. I had no scenery in mind for this road trip, just a determination to surprise an old teacher and receive a priceless reaction in return.

∴ Michelle


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